Thursday, September 30, 2010

Strange Days!

A number of my seniors are away on Kairos this week, so my mornings are (relatively) free until they return tomorrow evening. So it was with great excitement that I agreed yesterday to attend a press conference here in Detroit where special mention was being made of "U of D Jesuit Pledge Detroit!" Speaking on behalf of U of D Jesuit was Mr. Kyle Chandler ('99) who is the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs. Kyle spoke to the assembly of our commitment to the city of Detroit and its citizens and then, afterward, we posed for this picture with Mayor David Bing.

The Kick-Off for "U of D Jesuit Pledge Detroit!" is on October 12th, 2010 and the actual day of service takes place on October 26th. This event demands a tremendous amount of planning and work but I cannot prevent myself from believing that this project is the result of careful prayer and discernment and that we are being the "Men for Others" we are being invited to become: a school community who has opened its heart and ears to a city's people and who has offered its hands and hearts in service of our neighbors.

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Anonymous said...

Your life seems to have something in it that mine is lacking. Perhaps it is what Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel would phrase a "search of exaltation." I'm a Jewish woman who keeps coming back to your blog, trying to figure out what it is that draws me back each time. While I love playing the tin whistle, I suspect that that isn't the sole reason.

I like your passion for social justice--and for life. It almost seems, from your writing, that your existence transcends yourself, and that you are living on a different plane from that which I've ever experienced. I think I'm searching for something like that in my own life. I've started reading the New Testament from time to time (as a book of literature), and I was curious: Are non-Christians allowed to go to mass? Does one need to find someone to go with, or can one just go alone? Should one call ahead? Might one need permission?

I hope that these aren't silly questions.