Friday, January 15, 2010

More from Haiti

Brother Jim Boynton, S.J., a former teacher here at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy, sends this update from Haiti:

Things are now starting to be affected here... all of our gas, many groceries, money & banking, etc. come from Port au Prince. Tonight we will have canned corn for dinner. Anyone with money in the bank may not have lost it, but they have no access to it for the foreseeable future. At this point I will have no way to pay the teachers, and our Jesuit community has very little cash on hand, the only real currency now. The other thing is that people are now leaving Port au Prince in droves, and by the accounts, they are headed our way.

Today JRS sent a delegation to Port au Prince to survey the situation, but I almost hated to see them go. They have no place to stay, no plans other than to see what they can do, and their supplies (especially gas) will not last. If there is a second delegation bringing more aid I may go with that.

The good news is that the Jesuit who was unaccounted for has been found. A wall fell on him and he has a wounded head, broken limbs and bodily injuries, but he is alive and will get better. That is really good news for me because he runs the other Foi et Joie School.

If you are interested in supporting the relief effort through a monetary donation, please follow this link to the Detroit Province's website where they have a donation form that you can submit money that will be sent for relief services.

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