Sunday, January 10, 2010

Detroit Entrepreneurs Opt to Look Up

I seldom post links to newspaper stories, but I liked that Detroit was featured in the New York Times. I checked out the website for the Burton Theater and I can tell you what I'm doing this Wednesday night: going to see a 9pm showing of "The House of the Devil." (The next morning, my students will take their final exam in theology which, I hope, they will not regard as "The Test of the Devil." Time, of course, will tell.)

Before I go to the film, perhaps I will go to Good Girls Go to PARIS Crepes. Who knew that you could find 20 different varieties of crepes? And in Detroit of all places!

I now have all but four of the seniors' final papers corrected; I need to go back over them and add some commentary, but I'm glad to be nearly finished with that round of correcting. I'll be glad tomorrow when I can drop off the exam bundles to the registrar: my bedroom floor is in a state of complete chaos, as demonstrated by the attached photo:

I really look forward to having my floor back so that I can FINALLY clean my room properly and organize my's only taken me four months to get around to it.


Sarah said...

Four months is actually a good turn around time, what's your secret?

Einar said...

Wow, that's a lot of correcting to do O.o