Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Jesuits Have the Most Essential Thing Whose Lack is Hampering All Relief Efforts: Water

Michael Barger, of San Francisco, sent me this link to an excellent story about the relief efforts going on in Haiti.

In his message to me, Michael writes:

I am writing to let you know about an article I have written on Team Rubicon's remarkable collaboration with Bro. Jim Boyton in Haiti. I am a former Jesuit from the California Province, and was deeply impressed by what Jake Wood and Bro. Boyton and the rest of the team are doing. I am working my Jesuit alum veteran contacts to get support for the effort. I quoted your blog in the article, and I hope you and the Detroit Province Jesuits will find it of interest and a support for the effort.

Please follow this link to his article entitled "Team Rubicon: Jesuit - US Marine Veteran Medical Response in Haiti." These are dire hours for so many of our sisters and brothers and I am very proud and deeply moved by the generosity shown by so many in such difficult circumstances. In the midst of such a difficult economic climate, I know that asking for support is difficult. Nevertheless, I ask at the least our hearts be opened to the sorrow that has been left in the aftermath of two earthquakes and that we lift up in prayer those who are enacting the corporal and spiritual works of mercy to the least and most needy of our sisters and brothers.
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