Saturday, February 07, 2009


This may surprise some to hear, but I'm not a great one for reading other blogs. In fact, apart from several news sites and Whispers In the Loggia, I don't read very much else. I simply don't have the time.

Blogging doesn't seem to be a terribly popular hobby for many Jesuits. Father Mark Mossa, SJ is a notable exception to this. I reckon Mark and I share a similar vision of blogging: we try to give an insight into what it is like to live as a Jesuit in the 21st century. In blogging, we open up elements of our lives that would, without the internet, remain hidden to much of the world. 

So let me say, I was taken by surprise the other morning when I came down to the breakfast table and learned that a fellow Jesuit - we'll call him OTHER-Ryan - was starting a blog. Now I was very excited to learn that another smart, interesting, and thoughtful person was entering into the blogging world. But before I could even utter a word of congratulation and welcome, he startled me by proclaiming, "Listen, Duns, I'm starting a blog and I'm planning on putting you out of business. Either join up with me now, or you're going under. I'm buying you out, Son." 

Now, dear reader, you know that I'm a gentle soul. I don't pick fights. I'm NEVER given to irrational action or responses. For God's sake, I play the accordion - how aggressive could I possibly be? So this sudden assault really took me aback.

"Well, OTHER-Ryan, that's a pretty lofty goal. First, blogs are free - so you can't buy me out. Second, my niche is Irish music and dancing. Your niche seems to be stick-dancing and posting pictures of you cradling Cabbage Patch kids, or pictures of you dressed up in lamb costumes."

At this, OTHER-Ryan (the non-Irish variety of Ryan, if you've ever heard of such a thing) became wholly indignant. He started mumbling curses in his native tongue (Lord knows what that is - again, he's not Irish) and, I fear, he put a hex on me. 

So now I am embroiled in something of a blog war. If OTHER-Ryan thinks that he's going to take me out with ease, he's got another thing coming. I'm like the Old Ironsides of Jesuit blogging: I've had my fair share of run-ins with total whackos and lunatics, and I still keep on sailing. So, non-Irish-Ryan, let me assure you: I will not go gentle into that good night. Nay, I will rally the troops and meet you head-on! 

I hope people realize that I'm being wholly facetious. 

Ok, so before I get reported to my Jesuit superiors for belittling another Jesuit, let me say: WELCOME to Ryan Rallanka, SJ and wish him well in his blogging endeavors. Ryan is in his first year here at Ciszek and has been a great addition to the house. Check out his blog and see how the Other-Ryan lives!



Ryan Rallanka, SJ said...

Just to let you know, not even your beloved tin whistle is safe!!

Thanks for the shout out =)

Mike SJ said...

Great blog entry. I would watch out the other Ryan could still come after you. I would keep a close eye on him.

I am an avid reader of Jesuit blogs and I am thinking of starting my own ... We shall see!

In the meantime keep up the good work on the blogs!


Joe said...

Well, his entries are certainly w-i-d-e-r, so that could be something right there.