Saturday, February 14, 2009

Running Update

This week really got away from me: here it is, already Saturday!

For those interested, I ran my first half-marathon last Sunday. Back in November 2005 (check the archives, if you'd like) I said that I would do so. It took over three years, but I finally made good on my commitment (then again, I had an intervening medical condition that didn't make running terribly pleasant). I finished in 1:59:29 -- 9:07 miles. 

So how do I celebrate it? By running 14 miles tomorrow. I'm committed to training for a full marathon, even if that means dedicating a lot of time to training. I even bought a "Fuel Belt" to hold sports beverages. If I can find someone to take a picture of me wearing the Fuel Belt, I'll post it!

In other news, I have been invited to interview at the following four schools for regency. If you have a child at one of these schools and want me to teach him or her, send bribes to the principal's office of the school and have them pass it along to me. And send some for the principal. And to my formation director. And provincial. Because, at the end of the day, it's their decision!

February 27: Walsh Jesuit
March 2: Saint Xavier High School (Cincinnati) 
March 3: University of Detroit Jesuit High School (Detroit) 
March 4: Saint Ignatius High School (Cleveland)

I am *really* excited about these interviews. I can imagine myself at any of the schools, so I feel like I'm blessed with a lot of opportunities. Over the next few weeks, I ask your prayers for discerning hearts and a greater awareness of where I will be better formed as a Jesuit and where I will be able to do the greater good, always, for the glory of God!

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