Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lighting Strikes Twice

Just about six months ago, I made my debut pitching for the Blaqrobes - the Jesuit Scholastic softball team. On my first night, I was hit in the left ankle by a wild throw, forcing me to learn to use crutches.

During batting practice last night, I pitched around a dozen balls to Drew Marquard, SJ. One whizzed by 3" from my head. One left a mark on my left calf. 

And the third has rendered my left foot completely black-and-blue. 

There's brotherhood, for you.

There's a 25% target-accuracy, to boot.

Let it be said that even in excruciating pain, I still pitched the game. And we tied - so we're now 1-3-1 (we are undefeated in the co-ed league). 

I meant to post this earlier, but as some of you know last Sunday (October 19th) was my 29th birthday. We had cake on Saturday night. We had drinks on Sunday night. We had ice cream cake last night. And we're having a celebration in the city tonight. 4 of 5 nights of's like Hanukkah without the candles (and the presents - my parents still haven't sent me a gift. "It's in the mail." Yeah, I've heard that before).

Apart from my birthday and my injury, nothing exceptional to report. The undergrads are in the midst of mid-terms here at Fordham, although the mid-term phenomenon doesn't much affect grad students. I'm just laboring away at the weekly papers I have to do, while trying to make time to do the outside reading that I so enjoy. 


Tim Irish said...

Well, a Happy Belated Birthday to you--a great tin whistle master and an eceptionally "good" Jesuit...

Anonymous said...

pedro arrupe is the devil