Thursday, October 02, 2008


I apologize for being quiet this last week. I've been really busy between musical engagements and trying to get ahead on some of my coursework. 

I have a bunch of pictures that I need to post, so after my 5k tomorrow morning perhaps I'll have a chance to upload them. 

This should be a busy, but fun, weekend: I'm going to a movie tomorrow night, a show on Saturday, and I've to cook on Sunday. I also have a good bit of reading to do and a paper to work on, so there'll not be a ton of free time...which is a good thing, I guess.

And a quick Happy Birthday to my sister Reilley -- she turned 22 today.

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Spence said...

Hey man!

I really love both your blog and your youtube posts. You are a great teacher and will make a fantastic Priest.
I have left behind a career as a classical flutist to pursue health care, and in that process, have really been taken with the wooden flute and the Irish whistle.
I've learned a lot on your youtube posts. Thanks for doing that.

God bless you brother.

Spencer Yeamans