Tuesday, May 01, 2007

After a long weekend

After two weekends of playing for Irish dancing competitions, I must admit that I'm pretty tired. In my youth it was nothing for me to play two competitions per weekend, multiple weekends in a row. As I grow older and as I'm still somewhat out of practice, it's hard to do. My back is still sore from this weekend and I've got a sizable bruise on my chest from where my accordion rested for many hours. Who'd ever have thought that playing the accordion might actually be deleterious to one's health?

With this in mind, I've not much to write about. Sort of uninspired, I'm just slogging through the last two weeks of class. My papers now written, I'm doing the obligatory "read for class" trying to maintain my waning interest in the material. Summer is nearly upon us and I'm falling headlong into vacation mode!

I'll read for the rest of the morning and then I'll try to get my tin whistle class organized for tonight. I'm still unsure what I want to teach -- probably another pub song or maybe a polka. In light of my experiences this term, I've totally revamped the course for the Fall; the trial-and-error approach to teaching many students using limited class time and YouTube has produced a decent pedagogical model, but now that I've established it it is almost too late to maximize the benefits for this crop of students.
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