Monday, December 04, 2006

Quick Update

First off, thank you for holding my mother in prayer these last few days. Her surgery went very well and she is now at home recovering. After twenty-seven years of wondering, I now have definitive proof: my mother does, in fact, have a heart.

Second, my sister Torrey has returned from Japan.

Third, the second point wouldn't be wholly news-worthy if, upon Torrey's return, her boyfriend didn't propose to her!

Yep, Torrey is getting married to Brian Halloran!!!!!

This is really great news in our house. Brian, originally from New Jersey, is now teaching in Chicago. He is an exceptionally accomplished Irish musician (flute, whistle, pipes) and I am so joyful that he will be joining the clan.

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Joe said...

All thanks and praise to Him for both the successful surgery and your soon-to-be (Deo volente) brother-in-law. I wish my Irish BiL were an accomplished Irish musician, instead of an overeager angler. We'd get to hear something beautiful and the number of fish we'd eat would remain pretty much the same.