Friday, December 15, 2006

Intro to the Irish Tin Whistle

I'm only going to post this first video on here (the rest will be stored on the YouTube group I've dedicated to the whistle) just to show the shape of the course I'm going to teach. I'm very excited about using the internet to teach Irish music and I think that this will open up a host of opportunities both for musical education and for evangelization (why should the two be separate?).


Anonymous said...

Wow, this really makes me wish I was taking the class!

Anonymous said...

Brother Ryan,
I picked up the tinwhistle a few days ago and have been using your lesson . So far so Bad- but not because of you, more due to my complete lack of musical talent. Thanks for the lesson anyway. Can I find more somewhere?
Kevin M.

Unknown said...


Like anything else, learning an instrument takes time. Give it a good 15-minutes each day and you'll make progress!

I'll be recording more videos over the next few weeks. The one here was intended as a trial-run to see how they looked. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...


I'm consoled to know I've already mastered this lesson...perhaps there's hope for me....

BTW, thanks for the advert....I've added a link to your blog on mine also.

donc said...

I watched your video clips on YouTube.
You play beautifully.
One question.
Where did you obtain your Peruvian Whistle?
I would like to purchase one.

Anonymous said...

You mention that we can download some music from your website to make our lessons a bit easier. Where do I find the links to the downloads?

Thanks again.

Kevin M.

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin,

I wasn't able to scan them as I wanted them to look, so I haven't yet posted them. I have hand-drawn music graphs which I find to be helpful, but I'll have to re-draw them using the computer. Since I just got home and want to spend time with my family, I'll probably not be able to get to them until after Christmas.

Stay tuned!