Sunday, May 07, 2006


I'm heading off on retreat tomorrow evening. Please keep me and the other novices in your prayers and know that I'll keep you all in mine.

If you have any interest in being invited to my vows, please drop me an email/post a comment and I will include you on the list.

Pray, too, for Mike and Brian and all the competitors at this year's Fleadh. Let's hope for the best!



Anonymous said...

I'd like to be invited, please!! And even though I've not really been at work since your last day, I can already feel your absence. And what's with the no kiss at our goodbye?! Is that a catholic/protestant thing?! And one more thing, did you leave a nice scratchy surprise in my mail box?!


Mark Mossa, SJ said...


First, I'm worried about this Kelly person :P

Second, I will be at your vows.

Looking forward to it, brother.



Anonymous said...

No need to worry about me ("this kelly person")! After re-reading what I wrote, I see how it could be taken the wrong way! Just referring to the sending out cheek-kiss! No need to worry, trust me, no need!!! :)

Greg said...

hello! have a good retreat - I plan on attending your vows so an invitation would be lovely. or let me know if you need a mailing address. thanks!Greg