Monday, May 01, 2006

Final Week

So today marks the beginning of my last week at LUMC. After a long weekend of socializing and entertaining (we had to Open Houses to welcome guests to our new house) I return to the trenches of pastoral care. With the way my schedule works, I only have to go to 'group' on Thursday allowing me, fortunately, to spend the rest of my time with patients.

I'm not especially keen on going back to Detroit. I like what I have taken to calling "Big Boy" life: I like having responsibility, a job, a home. One of the difficulties of Jesuit life, as I am coming to realize, is that ours is a life etched with the mark of itinerancy...we are always on the road. And so tonight I'll begin packing to make my return to the novitiate; this week I'll say my goodbyes to my friends at the hospital.

That's all I have to say about leaving at this time. I think I'll start my final week with a trip to Enstein's for a bagel and coffee and I should make it to work *just* in time for morning prayer.

On a lighter (and more hopeful note) do keep Mike and Brian English in yours prayers -- the Fleadh is in two weeks!

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