Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day!

When I was a kid, Memorial Day weekend was sort of the un-official start to my summer. While there were at least two more weeks of school, the two "kick off" feiseanna of the year were Akron (held on Saturday) and Cleveland (held on Sunday). So it was nice, in a sense, to spend this year back in Cleveland at the feis. And yet, I can't help but smiling when I consider that this, the un-official start of summer, actually points me in the direction of Peru which is in the heart of its winter. I guess I'll enjoy the three weeks of summer ahead, embrace the five weeks of winter of Peru, and then emerge to enjoy the end of July and the month of August!

All in all, the feis yesterday wasn't terrible. Granted, my stage (#2 which was a championship/prelim) stage didn't start until 11:00 and ran until 6:00. I could dissect what I see as the difficulties with the event, but I'll spare the rant - just know that one day I will chair a feis of my own and it will be a true fiesta of fun and feising!

I write this from the comfort of my home in Cleveland while I enjoy a cup of Einstein's coffee and a delicious bagel - courtesy of a gift card from the English family (thanks guys!). Mike and Brian took first place yesterday, each on his respective instrument and in his age category. They, along with a number of other Irish dancing people, came back to the house last night for a low-key was good to have the opportunity for socializing, especially after a long day of playing.

Now I discovered a wonderful treat last night: the Great Lakes Brewery sample pack. For just $13.00, you get twelve bottles of beer (three bottles of four flavors). I love this beer and I'll be bringing two cases of it back to Detroit to share at our cook-out this evening.

In Jesuit-related news, we had a workshop on the Myers-Briggs personality inventory last week. I am an ENFJ (you can google Myers-Briggs and take an on-line test to see what you are). Here's a brief description I found on-line:

Theme is mentoring, leading people to achieve their potential and become more of who they are. Talents lie in empathizing with profound interpersonal insight and in influencing others to learn, grow and develop. Lead using their exceptional communication skills, enthusiasm, and warmth to gain cooperation toward meeting the ideals they hold for the individual or the organization. Catalysts who draw out the best in others. Thrive on empathic connections. Frequently called on to help others with personal problems.



Anonymous said...

Hello Ryan, so wonderful to find your blog. Had no idea about your Jesuit path, congratulations! Sorry to hear your stage didn't start until late, but finishing by 6 PM is still wonderful for an 11 AM start. You must be exhausted. Must report the volunteers on stage #4 were fantastic, and had a great day all around, thanks to them. May God Bless you in your journey. Hope to see you in Indianapolis.

Joe said...



Read it and weep*.


* Or, pray for those who must put up w. me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ryan. I got in! How do I get pix to you?

Sure had a blast with you and your brothers.

Lemme know how to get pix to you.


Unknown said...

Hi Fran!

I emailed you at your lumc account. If that doesn't work, send an email to ryanduns at (use the @) I'd write the whole email, but I'm afraid some spam bot will find it and start sending me strange emails.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I wasn't able to say hello. I had to be at work at midnight in Columbus, so as soon as I was done and paid I was out of there.

I'll do my very best to come up in August for your vows. I'm very happy for you.