Sunday, March 12, 2006

Home at Last

So I am now at home! Hooray!

Here's my projection for the week: I'll be at St Ignatius High School this evening and all day tomorrow giving "vocations talks" to the students. On Tuesday I'll be out at JCU and will be having dinner with friends in the evening. On Wednesday I'm teaching music in the afternoon and meeting a friend for dinner. Thursday will find me driving up to Detroit where I'll spend St Patrick's Day. I'll return to Cleveland on Saturday (early afternoon) and probably get Chinese food at the house. I head back to Chicago on Sunday...not exactly well-rested, I anticipate, but certainly well-connected with old friends.

This is also my 199th post to this blog. That's a lot, although it does include pictures which accounts for many posts. Still, I'll have to make #200 a big deal. Who knows what fun and creative post that might be.
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