Friday, March 03, 2006

Beginning Lent

I was doing morning prayer today when I came upon the word "hoar-frost" in Psalm 147. Puzzled, I said to myself, "Self, what the heck is hoar-frost?" My curiosity piqued, I resolved to find the meaning of hoar-frost and then, as it is my custom, forgot completely to do so. That is, however, until I arrived at Enstein's Bagels (just one mile north of our house) and bought a copy of the Chicago Tribune. There, at the back of the "B" section, someone posed a question about how the "hoar" got into "hoar-frost." So I learned that basically hoarfrost is frozen dew that forms a white coating on a surface.

I bring thus up simply because I found it serendipitous that I mused over the meaning of "hoarfrost" (a word I doubt I've seen before, although I did know what 'hoary' meant) on the very same day a question about the "hoarfrost" appeared in the paper. My dorky nature thinks this is very cool and I wanted to share it.

Now that we've had our Vocabulary lesson for today, on to more pertinent items. This is our big moving weekend, so ours is a house filled with a flurry of packing and taping and bustling about. The goal is to complete the bulk of our move on Monday and the remainder on Tuesday. It is good, then, that I have to present my final evaluation to my CPE group on Monday as it will clear the way for me to be wholly available to the needs of the move.

I have the overnight tonight, so I hope to post something while most of you are sleeping. This medium has proven to be eminently helpful in aiding my processing of events, so I look forward to sharing with you all any of the key events that may happen tonight. I also hope that there are NO key events, because that means that no traumas/deaths/ethical dilemmas have occurred, which is a good thing too.

So that's it for now. I'm off to finish packing my scant possessions and to learn a new tune on the whistle. I found the first DANU album at the feis last weekend and now have a template to work off of for learning the "Independence Hornpipe." It's a pretty sweet tune that I'd like Michael English to learn, but I suspect it'd be easier for me to teach it if I learned it first.

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Anonymous said...

There are a lot of HOARS in Chicago, right Ryan?