Monday, October 03, 2005

CD Release!!

This first portion of the post is brought to you by Province Update which is a newsletter for Jesuits of the Detroit Province:

Father Bob Scullin, SJ (the provincial of the Detroit Province) recently recorded his first CD entitled And It's So Clear. The CD contains 14 songs written by Bob and performed by a number of artists, including yours truly. I provide the tin whistle and accordion accompaniment for the song "Ellis Island." While there are no jigs or reels on this CD (we'll have to wait until I record my own for that kind of music!!) I think listeners will enjoy Bob's creativity and song-writing ability as well as the musical stylings of a number of talented musicians.

Proceeds from the CD are slated to benefit the Jesuit Refugee Services. You can order it online at or you can contact Betsy or Agnes at the Detroit Province Office at 1-800-445-1621.

Now that the commercial is over, let us returned to our usual broadcast.

It seems that I've made yet another cyber friend - Colleen from

I'm glad that she appreciates my humor, and I am glad that she has seen a shift in my writing over the last year. As the posts of the recent month have probably indicated, I've been (I think) maturing gradually. I'm not apt to delete my former posts, but I think they betray a sense of my own enthusiasm and silliness that, while not necessarily gone, has certainly been transformed over time. I still think that many of the things that I wrote a year ago are pretty funny, but I don't know that I'd write them again. To be sure, there are times I wish terribly to write something on here but have to check myself lest I say something incendiary or totally obnoxious! Anyway, it's good to know I have another reader...I just wish more people would sign my guestbook and let me know what they think!!
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