Wednesday, October 27, 2004


That's right all:

I'm Back.

For the last two months, I've gone through the whole mourning cycle of my feis life. Today, however, my passion for Irish dancing was resurrected when I was informed that the Jesuits would allow me to play at the Mid-American Oireachtas this Thanksgiving. YEAH! I get to fly to Chicago at 6:09 am on Friday, the 26th and fly home at 11:00 pm on Sunday night...and I couldn't be happier.

So what does this entail? I have to practice my sets, dust off the old metronome, and prepare myself for all of the glitter, synthetic hair, and sock-glue one can possibly imagine. I'd like to make some glib comments or some witty observations, but I'm too happy even for sarcasm. It's just very exciting to have this opportunity to tap into what has, sadly, become normalcy for me: the insanity of Irish dancing.

So in addition to getting buff at the gym, I'll now be trying to sharpen my musical skills. I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I've not learned a new reel or jig in quite a few months, but I think that what I have to offer will be acceptable. If it's not, I'll be playing the Adult Oireachtas (read: a holocaust to the pagan gods) next year. Alas, alas.




Anonymous said...

This is from your cousin Kevin. (I delivered your Birthday cake) I see that you are going to Chicago on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thats great! If you need a ride to (or from) the airport, I'm available (but I warn you, I am not very talkative at that time of day!)

My wife Patty and I would like to invite you over for Thanksgiving dinner. You are welcome to bring some of your fellow inmates too if you like. Hopefully, you kept my card and can email me back. If not, your mom has it or my number is in the book too if you want to call. I dont like putting to much info on a Blogger.
Let me know

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan,
Heard the great news. I am sure that you are dancing on a cloud!! Unfortunately I will not be going to the oirechtas, but I know that you will have a great time.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know you will play well, and everyone will be happy to see you. Have you made any good meals lately?