Friday, October 01, 2004

More bits

Greetings everyone!

First off, Kudos to Mrs. Koczera for sending us some non-fair trade coffee. The blood, sweat, and tears of children that go into each and every batch of Dunkin Donut's coffee gives it that capitalist flavor we all know and love so well.

After almost a month, I have finally had a meal here that I didn't quite fancy: quail. There were all these quail carcasses lying upon a bed of stuffing. There legs were spread wide open to the heavens (I felt like a FOWL Gynocologist) and, if I didn't know better, I'd have thought I was in Pet Cemetery. It was pretty scary. Besides, unless you eat the bones of these things, there's not much to them in terms of substance. Thank God for Little Cesar's Pizza.

Apart from that and the crusade I recently called against the Moonies, all is going rather well. I've undergone tremendous growth, too: the Eucharist is not the same thing as Euchre, the card game. I believe in God (there's a thought).

Okay, now let me get something off my chest. There are about 25 people at mass every day. The way we do Communion, we pass the plate around (like an hors dourves tray) and there's usually some left overs at the end of the line. You know, several pieces of the Host. From my standpoint, if you have to consume the extra Host, does that count for more grace, as sort of an act of theologically super-sizing Jesus? Should I be jealous when I only get ONE and the glutton-for-gluten next to me consumes like eight pieces of JC? First Wendy's with the Biggie Size, then McDonald's with Super Size and Extra Value meals, now it's the Church....I'm so confused. I wonder how many carbs each Host has...

Now, one final thought. I have begun my master work in Moral Theology. It'll be about sex (of course) and entitled: The Rhythm Method of Theology. It'll be a whole book about doing theology with sexual allusions. Could be a hot time, no?

Cheers all!



Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the coffee. When I was at Loyola for mass in August, I noticed the same thing with the extra wine and host. I never observed the same practice at mass elsewhere. Maybe I just missed it. Suggestion: If there isn't a 'seating plan', maybe you should get there early to claim the best seats for 'extras', just in case there's added advantage. I'm sure Joe loved the quail, as he will try almost anything. Ask him about the Indian(?) restaurant in Boston during college visits. I learned to be a little less trusting with his restaurant choices.
Helen K.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, Dunkin Donuts... Little Caeser's Pizza... Wendy's... McDonald's... Supersize... Extra Value Meal... Could you sabotage my willpower any more these days!!! You know who!!!!!