Friday, August 09, 2013

No Other Choice

So, I'm staying at my sister Torrey's house and watching her dog, Lola, until they come home tomorrow night. Lola is a small dog of some variety and, it appears, she has an anxiety disorder. I've gone from a lifetime of sleeping alone to having this dog climb into bed with me each night; if she's not in the bed, she just barks...and barks...and barks.

The internet is down at their house, so I've come over to my parents' to spend the day. My original intent was to watch a movie on Netflix but I can't figure out how to turn on their television. It took me almost an entire year to figure out how to use the television in Boston and, as I'm here for only a few days, I simply can't imagine investing the time in trying to figure it out.

Thus, I'm studying for the GRE. The verbal section is fine, really, but the math?  I haven't done geometry in...well, 18 years. The study book I'm using emphasized that neither Trig nor Calculus are on the exam. What? When I actually became good in math, it was when I was in later high school and college and then decided to try. So now I'm relearning formulas for areas and perimeters of triangles and circles all in order to apply for a PhD in Theology.

So, I've no choice but to study. I think I'll walk up to my favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch but, other than that, I'm sitting at the kitchen table doing math problems. I feel like I'm in high school again!

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