Sunday, December 06, 2009

Two More Videos Recorded

I had a chance to record two more videos this weekend.

The first video I dedicate to one of my students who has been nagging me to put a new video up. The two tunes, both jigs, were composed by Tom Hastings. I have known Tom for over 23 years: he is a mix of teacher, mentor, and trusted friend. If I have 10% of his love and passion for traditional Irish music, it is only because of his infectious love and joy for his musical heritage that he has so generously shared with me and legions of music students.

Tom moved to Columbus, Ohio, several years ago. It was a HUGE loss to the Irish music scene in Cleveland and I really hope that the Irish musicians in Columbus know what a treasure and resource they have in Tom. I have had many musical influences in my life, but first among all of them is Tom Hastings. It was my pleasure to record "The Bronze Flute" and "Tom's Other Fiddle" in his honor. I only hope that I have done them justice.

I do have to apologize somewhat: up until yesterday, I had never played these tunes on the whistle (I play them as slow Treble Jigs on the accordion). So it's not the usual polished job but, as time is limited, I did the best I could. Furthermore, I ask that you excuse the basket of laundry - I did the washing yesterday. As you'll see from the next video, the laundry is now done.

This second video is the tune "The Foggy Dew." It is one that I had been requested to record so in between grading this afternoon I took a few moments to record it. It is played simply on a Generation Bb whistle.

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Tim Irish said...

GREAT tunes. I'm also glad to see you did your laundry between videos one and two.

I went to Mass to clebrate the Immaculate Conception this evening; I dedicated my Communion to you and your mission in Detroit. Keep up the good work!

PS: Ive lost your email address; please send it to me if you will.

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