Sunday, October 11, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Let me begin with a caveat: I know that I'm a huge nerd. A nerd for Christ, to be sure, but a nerd nevertheless. I do think there was a time when I could have been popular, when I could have been cool. But then I started to play the accordion and, well, the rest is history.

I mention this because the attached picture is yet a further testament to the fact that I am an unabashed nerd.

This year's Homecoming theme was "Greek Week." Earlier in the week, the moderator of the Student Senate sent out an email asking the chaperones to consider wearing togas to the dance. Wanting to show my school spirit and my support of the students, I acquired yesterday an inexpensive toga (the alternative was a centurion's costume that had an opening at the midsection. While I have been working out, I don't think the world is quite ready to behold my abs).
Well, didn't I feel like a fool when I showed up last night only to discover that I was the only chaperone wearing a toga. Not only was I out of place among the faculty, I definitely stood out among the students. To begin with, there were very few of us wearing floor-length gowns last night...most of the females were in short dresses.

Now I must say that my students were very kind. They probably took pity on me. Many of them were proper gentlemen and introduced me to their dates. I fulfilled my role by making sure that our young gentlemen had taken their dates to nice restaurants (most did) and that they had picked up the tab for dinner (they all did).

As you can see from the picture, I definitely do not look much like a Greek patrician. Heck, I look like I should be going down to bathe in the Ganges River.

On the upside, I am going to write the Missionaries of Charity with the suggestion that they update their habits. I think the gold wrap is particularly arresting and would really add to the fashionability of Blessed Mother Teresa's sisters.

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