Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Some of you may know that I have often dreamt of having a tattoo. Yeah, it sounds kind of crazy but there's something about it that really appeals to me. I doubt that I would ever do it but, if I did, this is the design that I'd want on my right arm (on the tricep).

I always joked that once I had muscles I would get a tattoo. Well, I'm well on my way to having fairly well-defined arms but, now that I am in the position to "get inked" I hesitate. Maybe I'll get a bunch of removable AMDG tattoos (like kids have) and wear them when I want to show of "my guns"!


Anonymous said...

I thought that you and I would be getting a tattoo togehter! I am counting on it! I am not signing my name for it may incriminate me.

Joe said...


Where can the fake, temporary ones be gotten?

I'd love to get a zillion. Most of my CCD students attend our Jesuit middle school, and this'd be a hit.



utopie said...

hi ryan,
i'm also thinking about getting one... i think your design looks great.
would like to exchange some thoughts about it with you.

best, jan

Anonymous said...


I am actually thinking of getting that tattoo in a few weeks. I went to Strake Jesuit in Houston and have always let AMDG guide my life.

Cheers - nick jessett

Anonymous said...

Ryan G. Duns, Showin' off the Guns. Where there's death there's hope, vote Ryan G. Duns for Pope.

Flute playing priest finds YouTube fame