Friday, November 09, 2012

My New Nemeses

Well, I'm glad to report that I've found my new rivals here in Boston: Wild Turkeys. These accursed creatures seem to stalk me, as I see them almost daily on my way to class. Some days, they're standing on the cars in our parking lot; other days, they are blocking the sidewalk. Last week they stopped traffic as they strutted across the road...I watched the cars slow down and stop as they arrogantly took their time. Just yesterday, one of them was waiting in ambush and, when I opened the door to go out, it attempted to come into the house.

The one in the foreground appears to be the leader. I think he remembers me in particular...I know I'd remember the person who charged at me with a rake! It may sound irrational, but I have a feeling that this will be a great class of the wills. When I was a novice I did battle with peacocks. Now, as a theologian, I take on the turkeys. 


Nan said...

too funny Ryan! Methinks they are definitely offering up metaphor! What a gift!

naturgesetz said...

Yikes! Charging a wild turkey with rake is almost always a bad idea. Raking is also almost always a bad idea. (Leaves should be allowed to compost where they fall — possibly with the help of a lawnmower which chops them up — or where the wind gathers them.)


Yikes again! Word verification includes "ropmpon" altogether too close to "The Little Drummer Boy" for comfort.