Monday, February 07, 2011

On the Lighter Side

When I get a chance, perhaps on Sunday, I would like to continue thinking through the "Control-F Generation" idea. I had a very stimulating conversation with a fellow Jesuit who sees the ability to search quickly using the Control-F function as a valuable skill. This I do not deny. Yet my point or observation reaches far deeper than simply a student's utility with research. I'm afraid of this being the framework or the way of being-in-the-world that shapes the way students see reality. If reality can be reduced so easily to something searchable, something easily found...what will they do with the tough questions which do not admit of easy answers? This is something that needs further reflection.

I thought, though, that I'd post something on the lighter side:

First up: Pig Roast Video

This is a video done to help promote our annual Freshmen Pig Roast that will be held this upcoming Friday, February 11th. Vegetarians may not approve...

Our second selection: Town Hall Video

On Thursday, the Student Senate will host a Town Hall Meeting where students can come and voice any concerns they have. In an effort to stir them up and get them thinking, this is the first ad we came up with.

What I like about both of these is that they are, at least, pretty clever. Too often, such videos devolve into stupid inside jokes that are not relevant to anyone outside of the school's community. These, at least, have a bit of a bite for a wider audience. I approve!
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