Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Principle #2: Ask the Question

If you are interested in helping to promote vocations to the Jesuits, or to religious life, here's a second principle to follow:

2. Ask the Question

This goes along with my operative maxim that "if you see something, say something." I think many young men are embarrassed to admit that they feel the stirring of a call to priesthood or religious life...given the scandal of sex abuse, I can hardly blame them. Nevertheless, I sincerely think a lot of guys do kick the idea around but they are petrified at the prospect of expressing this nagging feeling to anyone.

Isn't this a shame? If someone had all the gifts and talents to be a great author, or athlete, or artist, wouldn't you be effusive with your praise? If you noticed a person with phenomenal talent for drawing who was pursuing a career as a greeter at a local store, don't you think that you might be inclined to say, "Hey, haven't you ever thought of being an artist?" You'd fear that she wasn't using her talents to their fullest potential and you'd encourage her to pursue a vocation that would use and form those talents.

As you go about your day, you may come across a young person who has all of the traits and qualities you'd like to see in a priest or religious. So why don't you say something? You'd do it for the artist, whose medium is canvass and oil. Then why don't you do it for religious life, whose medium is the mind, body, heart, and soul? Is this medium not infinitely more valuable and precious, one that demands the most talented to serve it?

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