Sunday, March 07, 2010

Home from Retreat

It has been something of a whirlwind week. I left on Tuesday to participate in the March Kairos with the seniors, spending four days listening to and praying for the 29 young men who generously gave of their time to come to know Christ better. I had to leave early from the closing ceremony on Friday so that I could drive down to Maumee Bay where were had day of reflection for several of my fellow regents teaching in the Detroit/Cleveland/Toledo/Akron areas. I came home last night only to leave again to go to to a varsity hockey game where we won 3-2 in OT to become the Division I, Region 5 champions.

I think I was asleep last night before my head nestled into the pillow!

I'll hopefully have time tonight or this week to do some blogging. I'm still a bit tired from last week and I need to start planning this upcoming week. Until then, be assured of my prayers as we move further into Lent!

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