Friday, June 19, 2009

Settled in at JCU

I thought this week was going to be relaxing, giving me time to write up a few blog entries. Nope! Following Province Days and Ordinations (pictures to follow, I promise) my course "Origins of Ignatian Spirituality" began on Monday. In addition to course beginning and the reading/writing that entails, my friend and mentor Father Terrance Klein returned an edited copy of an article I have been working on over the past few weeks. Hours spent on edits, re-writes of sentences, and the composition of an abstract have now yielded the fruit of submitting it for publication. In a few months, I hope to have the happy news that I've published in a really fine journal!

One of the nice things about taking a course on Ignatian Spirituality is that it forces me to revisit the early documents and history of the Society. Much of my prayer this week has been spent, in fact, reading over and being with the Constitutions. More on this in another post.

Last week, I received my textbooks for the courses I'm teaching: 1 section of Intro to UD High, 2 sections of Sophomore New Testament, and 1 section of Senior philosophy. 3 preps, 4 classes. Not too shabby!

Finally, I'll be away this weekend to play a 2-day feis in Chicago. When things settle down next week, I'll have more to post!

Have a great weekend!
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