Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite

So what does a Jesuit scholastic do on the first day of Spring Break?
  1. Go to the beach
  2. Make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land
  3. Write a proof for the existence of God
  4. Fly a Kite
Thanks to my mom, several of us enjoyed a day of kite flying. Using an inflatable Spider Man kite that came in the mail yesterday (my Easter gift) we spent a good part of the morning on Fordham's campus flying kites. Since the students are mostly gone, we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

Drew is kneeling because he can't make it work. Erica is picking it up because Drew can't make it fly. You'll note that I realized tremendous success in getting it aloft!!

Actually, I don't know why Drew is kneeling at this moment. Perhaps he saw a vision.

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