Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Let me begin by wishing everyone a Happy Easter. I meant to post an Easter message but I found myself swamped with the tasks accompanying putting together a dinner for 40 people.

These last two weeks have been my Spring Break but, sadly, it wasn't much of a break. I did manage to write one paper but an injury kept our cook from working and it fell to me to make sure people ate each evening. I'm glad that we're back to a regular schedule tomorrow: I'm actually getting tired of cooking!

I'm also at that point in the semester when my attention turns to term papers. I'm about to commence writing "Baruch Spinoza and the Order of the Phoenix" which will be an attempt to show how the fifth Harry Potter book is a great resource for understanding Spinoza's metaphysical psychology. I reckon that if I can use Harry Potter in a scholarly paper, I may as well do so. 

I'll make no promises about posts. I'm an occasional writer in that something has to occur to me that elicits a response. So if it should happen that I have a thought to share, I'll be sure to do so!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!!!! ALLELUIA

My own time was spent on "The Spirituality and Faith of Sherlock Holmes" along with some music playing of course.

There was a mission trip in Chicago during Holy Week that was a powerful experience. That combined with your guidelines for Ignatian meditation made the Easter Vigil readings very moving.

I simply stated to my embarrassed friends that if I was arrested for shouting "Alleluia, He is Risen!" in the streets, I could sue for persecuting religious expression.

Unknown said...

1- PG Wodehouse's Jeeves thought VERY highly of Spinoza, far preferring him to Nietszche (whom Jeeves dismissed as "fundamentally unsound").

2- Did you or did you not hear Christ's voice in your head saying "Feed my sheep"?