Thursday, August 02, 2007

Omena Update

We just finished our annual Softball Game against some of the local players from Sutton's Bay. Alas, I did not play this year - I opted instead to offer sideline commentary and good cheer (in addition, I should mention, the beverages were kept along the first-base line).

Now, while I do have some internet access, I suspect that I'll spend more time working on my bun...errrr,, melanoma. One of the sad consequences of balding is that my head actually burns. My Head! It's really gross to have a peeling head so I wear a bandanna or cap most days to protect my poor scalp.

Long story short: unless something really nifty happens, I'll not blog until about August 13th. I do want to talk about my retreat at some point very soon, but I think I'd rather spend time with my brother Jesuits than blogging!

Best to all!

1 comment:

joe said...

An occupational hazard to having Official Jesuit Hair.


P.S. If you get sent down to Miami or Tampa you'll be compelled -- forced, I tell you! -- on point of Jesuit obedience to wield bat and do violence to a ball sent Ryanwards. Start preparing for such an eventuality.