Friday, April 13, 2007

Few Odds and Ends

It's been a relatively busy week. I'm preparing for a 4-day trip to Denver next weekend, so I am continuing to work ahead in order to clear up ample space to play a two-day feis and to spend time with my dear friend, Anne Hall. So please forgive the paucity of posts!

1. Thanks to Karen Hall for the lovely Rosary she left for me. Green beads impressed with the image of a shamrock and a glass-encased clover adorn this beautiful prayer instrument. Thank you Karen - I'll do a prayerful "shot out" for you tonight!!

2. The second Rosary shot will be going out to Joe's son Davy. Joe has begun a 54-day Rosary Novena as a means of prayerfully supporting Davy as he enters into a new form of treatment for autism. Confident in the abilities of those who read my blog - without regard to creed - I entrust Davy to all of your prayers.

I haven't much else to blog about. I'm sure there's something amusing that I could share, but I can't seem to think of it. Should something come upon me, however, be assured that it'll make its way here!


Karen said...

You are very welcome. I've had that one for years and I love it but I always thought it needed to belong to someone Irish. And what could be better than an Irish Jesuit who admits to praying the rosary?

Thanks for the shout out, too, but I'll feel guity if Joe doesn't get the first one.

Sorry I missed you today. Now it's your turn to come to my town. Bring everyone with you. John Brown will make gumbo. Sans rodents.

Ryan Duns, SJ said...

You're right - let me reverse that order! Joe's first!

I'd love to come down to Orlando - I've a number of friends living in Florida these days (Diane, Eric AKA Enyak, and Greg) and I'd relish the chance to see them in their new environs in addition to visiting with you.

Karen said...

Our guest room is all yours, you just have to come up with a good reason for Greg to write you a check for the plane ticket.

Hmmm... I'm thinking research? Perhaps I have a character who plays the tin whistle, and so you're the only one who can consult about him.

Did you see my note to Mark re your delusions of 85,000 viewers?

Oh, and when you come to Orlando, you'll have to bring Matt Malone because as we have learned, where Rec Room One goes...

Ryan Duns, SJ said...

I would most certainly bring Mr. Malone...I can't imagine a party without him.

At this moment, we are now at: 86,798 views. While 8221 people have viewed my profile, my videos have been viewed many, many more times than that.

What can I say? Next Mitch Pacwa, I might be the most media-friendly Jesuit!!

Joe said...

1- THANKS. I've weird issues with expressions of gratitude, so I'll just shut up beyond my inadequate expressions of thanks.

2- You never know, you could wrangle a stint with the Jesuits down here (we're one the few places that belongs to TWO provinces) just like Mark did.



Karen said...

I think someone is hacking your site and messing with the numbers to see if you'll fall for it.

Tell Greg you're all flying to Florida to hang out with me and Joe and John Brown for a weekend. He can take it out of the liquor budget.

Joe said...

Maybe things have changed, but don't Jesuits have Spring Break these days?