Friday, March 09, 2007

Song of the Chanter

Sorry for posting all of these tunes!

This (final) tune is entitled "Song of the Chanter" and is yet another tune from my early days of playing.


Anonymous said...

Mi nombre es Cedrik, gracias por su página, me gusta mucho. EStoy intentando aprender a tocar el Whistle, y creo que su ayuda podré conseguirlo. ¿ Que whistle utiliza para tocar esta partitura en el video?. Yo no hablo muy bien inglés, pero intentaré traducir esto.

sorry but I don't speak englihs very well.
My name is Cedrik, thank you for you web, I like it very much. I am trying to learn to play the whistle, and believe that with his help pus to obtain it. What class of whistle do you use to play this song?
Thank you very much

Ryan Duns, SJ said...

You can use a Generation D tin whistle. Any whistle will be fine so long as it is in the Key of D.

Phil said...


Thanks for the web instructions...I have dabbled in the whistle for a while but this is the first time I have been inspired to stay with it

Using a Walton D (Nickel)