Friday, January 26, 2007

Candidate Weekend

Fifteen men of varying ages and backgrounds have descended on Ciszek this weekend in order to "Come and See" what life is like as a Jesuit scholastic. We are all of us playing a role in this weekend: I'm preparing dessert tomorrow (Bread pudding with whiskey cream sauce), playing the ol' squeeze box at our coffee house, and then preparing brunch on Sunday. It's exciting and heartening to meet so many guys interested in joining the Society!

It was a quiet week with very little to report on. I re-read the post I wrote almost one year ago (on the 28th of January) and I marvel at how far I've come this year! It's surreal. From gunshot wounds to Wittgenstein in twelve sounds more like a self-help book than Jesuit formation.

A new YouTube video has been posted (week 3's lesson). Drew and I also made an executive decision today to broaden our horizons so look for some "scene changes" to come in the very near future. It probably won't be until week 6, but I have a feeling that, given enough time and creativity, learning the Tin Whistle will get even *more* interesting than it is now...

More to come!


Joe said...

You know it's important when they get you back to cooking!

Let the Fifteen know my CCD kids will be praying for them, too.



Karen said...

Gunshot wounds? What did I miss? Were there squirrels involved?