Monday, September 25, 2006

Recipes Site

I'm giving serious consideration to dropping "Jesuit Recipes" as a site. Sadly, I don't cook nearly enough to work up new recipes or even to discover recipes that I like. Unlike the novitiate where I had ample opportunity to be in the kitchen, I have only to cook one dinner and one appetizer (for a Thursday night social) each semester. What I would do, though, is post any recipe that I come up with on this site rather than having the two different sites.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ryan. Good to read that you are alive and well at Fordham. Couldn't hear your tin whistle here at work so will try at home where I have sound.

Thinking of you,
Fran (Glowinski)

Joe said...

Well, that's a cryin' shame. I've always said that in a less-fallen world, the Jesuits would be ideally positioned for a Food Network Apostolate.