Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My new Pet

In honor of my new pet, I'm typing this post entirely in green.

When I was a kid, I really wanted a Chia pet. My parents insist that they bought me one, but I don't remember it at yet another instance of my being deprived as a child.

So several weeks ago I downloaded a digital Chia-Pet for my iMac computer. I love him! He's growing quite nicely and I think I'm going to have to download some trimming program so I can make him look like a bonsai or a poodle or something. I will admit that my first one "died" when I went home to Cleveland due to lack of "digital watering" (I was traumatized to see his upturned corpse on my computer screen)...which means that out of love I will be tethered to "Herb" the Chia-Pet.

Now, let me be fair to my parents. When I was home last week, my father didn't anticipate that I would be returning to Cleveland again until after my birthday. So, after a lovely steak dinner, didn't Big Bob Duns shock us all and bring out a birthday cake! I was so excited and moved that MY FATHER had remembered my birthday...until I realized that it was, in fact, the half-eaten birthday cake from my cousin's birthday celebration held the week before at my house. Nevertheless, the casually forgotten cake that lingered in the freezer for a week proved ample enough for my simple tastes and I'm sure that my parents will be very glad that I've publicly acknowledged their kindness and generosity.

Note to my Parents: It took me nearly twenty years to get over the death of my Paddington bear. I'll now be well into my forties before this slips from my memory.
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