Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Regarding Gifts for Vows

I hate to be guache, but I'd like to say a word about gifts as I've received several emails asking about them.

The short answer: a card is nice, but don't send money (unless it is in off-shore accounts) or cheques or gift cards or my grandfather's dentures (or some other strange personal item!!). If a gift is given, it has to be turned over to the community. This being said, donations can be made to the Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus (which I'm quite sure they'll take with much gratitude). Truthfully, the best gift you can offer is to remember me in your prayers.

So that's that. I'm off to pray!


Joe said...

Prayers? OK, I can manage that.


Anonymous said...

Prayer will be said for you for a few Sundays at least this summer. Good luck with undertaking your vows! I can understand some excitement in that!


August 12, 2006