Thursday, August 24, 2006

On-Line at Fordham

So I'm now fairly settled in my (rather spacious) room at Ciszek Hall here at Fordham. Later today I'll meet with my academic advisor and we'll try to piece together something of a schedule of courses - all I know is that I'm going to take Aristotle and Plato and, I hope, begin a study of the German language.

The transition has been relatively easy thus far. For those who are interested, my new aol screenname is ryandunssj and I'll try to leave it on most of the time. In addition, my computer has a kickin' web cam so you can see me if you are so inclined.

I'd ask for prayers this weekend: Michael and Brian English will be representing the USA at the Fleadh in Ireland. It's a great honor to qualify to compete at the "Olympics of Irish Music" (as one might think of them) and I know that they will be bolstered by your thoughts and prayers.

Classes begin next Wednesday so I'm sure that I"ll have just loads of things to write about then. I suspect, too, that I'll begin doing ministry and if my experiences at the hospital are any indication I'll more than likely use this space to process my pastoral encounters.

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