Sunday, July 16, 2006

¡Vamos a Cuzco!

We´re heading off to Cuzco tomorrow morning, which means that I´ll be away from the internet for a week.

For those in the States - stay cool! I hear it has been sweltering in parts of the country.

Not even a month until vows - crazy, huh? Please keep me and my classmates in your prayers and know that you are in mine (really - I pray generically for those who read my blog and for all those others I forget to mention by´s a handy catch-all to pray for the whole world!)



Anonymous said...

I will take those prayers even if they are generic! :)

And I'll offer some of my own for you and your brother Jesuits


Joe said...

What "a" said. Brand-name or generic prayers...I think He knows what ya mean.

Who knew the Society of Jesus offered high-altitude training?


PamBG said...

I came to your blog via searching for 'James Alison'. (Although Methodist, I studied at a Jesuit University and have a particular affection for the order.)

God bless you and your year-group as you make your vows.