Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Start of Ryan´s VERY Long Day

So my morning began today at 3.50 am when the music from a party being held nextdoor actually shook my bed. With the dulcet tones of Peruvian rap pouring into my room, I set out in search of the source of the music. Ascending a flight of steps and walking out onto the roof, I followed the music to its source - a courtyard directly behind my room owned by a local garage. It seems that several of the employees had gathered to celebrate something and had brought along several cd´ well as some bloody powerful speakers.

Now, in order to see the gathered masses beneath me, I had to poke my head through several wires. Well, at 4.00 am it doesn´t readily or often occur to one torn from the womb of sleep that such wires just might carry an electric charge. So it really came as quite a shock - literally - when I began to feel electricity surging through my body once my head inadvertently made contact with one of these wires. It seems as though, in response to several thefts, the superior here at the juniorate decided to install something of an electric fence along the perimeter of the roof. I can attest to the fact that the fence works and that, were I a thief, I would certainly have second thoughts about touching these wires.

With a racing heart, an aching head, and a bruised ego I returned to my room to the sounds of Latin salsa. I decided at that point to cut my losses and to move into an un-occupied room for the evening.

The sad thing is that the electric charge functioned neither to restore head´s hair loss nor to work in a manner akin to electrolysis removing unwanted hair from my body. I just can´t catch a break.

So I´ve just shared with you all a nicely humiliating story. This will give my mother and father something to be proud of and will, I hope, put to rest any fears that they harbored about me being a missionary in a foreign land.

I have a TON of pictures to post this week. Adam put some on a cd and I´ll try to upload them one of these afternoons.

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