Monday, August 29, 2005


So there are two new pictures on the site and it is my hope that folks will find the "old time" photo to be somewhat entertaining. We had fun taking it!

I received a nice email expressing thanks for my showing a very "human" face to my novitiate experience. This is good as it is my goal to show that religious life isn't nearly as mysterious and forbidding as some think. We're regular guys on fire to bring about God's kingdom...but that doesn't mean we can't have a good time doing it!

I picked up the textbooks I'll be using to teach my two math courses this semester. It's pretty daunting to be on the other side of the Math Desk!

One of the most important aspects of my early formation was the Grad-at-Grad document from St Ignatius High School. The ideal graduate at graduation was:

Intellectually competent
Open to Growth
Committed to doing justice

In taking on this new adventure of teaching math, I hope that I'm starting to integrate and put into practice these ideals. This is definitely a growing experience and one that is, at heart, motivated by my love of learning and my love of teaching...and my sincere desire to help others to grow as students. There's much more to be written of this, but I'm heading off to the YMCA (yes, I still go. How else could I explain my rippling physique??). I'll try to give you another update as I prepare my syllabus and lesson plan for the semester.


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