Sunday, August 21, 2005

Prayers Needed!!

Okay, here we go:

Brian English, he who desires nothing more than to "live the life" will be an international star tomorrow morning. At 8:30 am, go to:

Brian will be the STARTING PITCHER!!

He will be in a red uniform sporting #4.

So please pray for Brian that he pitch a good game. Jim Shea, nSJ is praying for him this evening and that is a good thing as he knows everything about baseball and will be sure to let God know exactly what Brian needs for tomorrow. I'm ignorant of such things, so my prayers will be used to support Jim's prayers and to let God know that I'm keeping and eye out for Brian. Nancy, if you read this in time, use your vast prayer power to aide my student!!

I'm going to try to put more pictures up later this week.

Other news:

This week, I was appointed Beadle. The beadle is something of a coordinator, chosen from the novices, who acts as a liason between the novice director and the novices. I'm responsible for coordinating cars, assigning work crews, managing house jobs, making the superior breakfast (hehehe, only in his dreams!) and various sundry details.

This appointment, of course, occasions a Hagan story.

So on Monday, I call home to tell my family the good news that I am THE BEADLE. As luck would have it, my mother was away at the time so I told my father who, curiously, actually knew what the beadle was.

Apparently, he told Hagan about my appointment as Beadle and told her to let my mom know when Michelle came home from work.

So, here's the dialogue:

"Hey, Mom. Ryan called and told Dad that he's now the bug."

"The Bug? Hagan, what are you talking about?"

"Yeah, he called and said that he's now a bug or something."

"Hagan, do you mean he's the the Beadle?"


My mother called a bit later to tell me of this exchange.

Needless to say, I was pretty amused.

Okay, so that wraps it up for this fun-filled posting. I've asked for prayers (a good thing), given you an update (educational thing) and made fun of my sister (typical thing). It's now been a full day: I put up Roman Blinds in my bathroom, played Ultimate Frisbee, had a cookout, and went to Target for the 13th time this week (Yes, 13 times to Target -- in preparation for Entrance Day, we painted 9 rooms in the house and I was forever going to Target to buy supplies for the rooms and to Home Depot for more cans of paint).


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Enyak said...

I'm happy for you regarding your recent appointment--all except the name, which is reminiscent of one of my foes from days gone by in the Heights.