Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Pope

The fact that I did not get elected has a number of ramifications for those around me:

first, Eric Abercrombie and his son, Ethan "Rahner" Abercrombie will stay with Melissa for the time being. For those of you who did not know it, were I to have been elected Supreme Pontiff, I'd have made Eric my ambassador to the great state of West Virginia.

second, the Queer Eye team will have to wait to re-decorate the Vatican. Martha, too, will have to wait to fashion a new papal tiara and gowns.

third, my slogan of "where there's death, there's hope - vote Ryan for pope" will get used the next time around.

fourth, I'm not able to issue a dispensation or offer anything official to my new surrogate mother from Germany - Brigitte - who sent me a lovely picture, a candle, and some terrifically DELICIOUS chocolates. Thanks!

As for a more serious and reflective response to the election of our new pope, stay tuned. If I get serious and reflective, I'll offer one.


Anonymous said...

So sorry you did not get elected--but think about this--Ratz is 78--not very young--and who knows what the future holds--you may get there yet-----
besides--airfare to Rome is incredibly expensive!--
Who is Brigitte and why did she snd you chocolates and a picture?
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi,I´m Brigitte. Probably Ryan can´t answer your question - at least not the second part of it.
I´m Jonathan Dawe´s (another noviciate) German (host) mom and met your son while staying at Loyola House for a few days in February. I sent him the package beause I am just A (!) mom (I´ve four sons - the eldest is 23) ---
and of course not to become his surrogate or whatever mom... I sometimes do things very spontanously. (The picture is from a calendar and shows the beautiful landscape around my hometown in April.)

Anonymous said...

So nice to "meet" you--those noovices need all the support they can get!
Michee Duns aka "Mom"

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we are now part of the Ratz Pack?