Thursday, April 21, 2005


I just wanted to post a quick "Thank You" to my penpal D. whose identity will remain rather anonymous as per D's request. Know that I do value receiving notes from you and, were I to have greater access to pen and paper (we've much parchment and vellum and I"m trying to make a writing surface out of peacock hide, but I've yet to find success in this endeavor) I would certainly respond in a written manner. Your cards certainly brighten my day when they arrive.

Know that my prayers, for whatever they are worth, are with you!



**Hey, Mike E. - I saw the competitor list for the FLeadh. I'll expect you to attend the senior whistle competition and let me know how you'd think I"d have faired against the musicians. A number of them are from Detroit, so you'll be the judge of whether I still "got game" even while I live near 8-mile.**

***I'm posting my first recipe tonight, too***
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