Thursday, March 31, 2005


Hi All,

Well, there's not much to report from out here in Big Sky Country. I have some interesting neighbors: the people next door have a sort of "petting zoo" and there are something like seven cats, six peacocks, a bobcat (yes, a bobcat), horses, a dog, and many bison. It's like Wild Discovery. Note: Peacocks, while lovely to look at, are frightfully annoying and make a lot of noise. I hear they taste good...

I guess a lot of my time here is spent in a "pastoral capacity" as I take communion to shut-ins, attend multiple masses, do clerical work, and assist in any way I can. Oddly, I thought the shift from "rock star accordion player life" to "novice life" would be traumatic and yet I find the shift from "Crayola House" to "Active Ministry" to be much more lugubrious and slow-paced. If anything, I'm learning to be patient. At least I get to catch up on a lot of as-yet-unseen movies.

So that's it. I've received cards from two people - thanks to Debbie and Greg. The rest of you...well, I'd suggest writing sometime soon OR ELSE. After the long retreat my "Prayer Power" is frighteningly strong and, should I set my face against you and begin to pray for a terrible malady to befall you - such as nail fungus or scabies or death - you just might regret it!

Anyway, I hope everyone who reads this is doing well!


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