Friday, February 16, 2018

The Calm Before the Storm

It's hard to believe it's now two months since Christmas. A lot has happened since my last post: I completed the dissertation (born on 7/15, final chapter sent off 12/15, intro and conclusion written and submitted for defense on 2/13), interviewed for teaching positions at Marquette University and Santa Clara University, and had a bit of a botched eye procedure that made it really rough to see for a few days and very difficult to read anything at all for about a week. Fear not: the eyes have healed and, at the moment, I'm just about to board a flight to New Mexico for a feis weekend. 

I feel a bit rudderless without the dissertation dictating my daily schedule. It's nice to read fiction again and I've been able to catch up on some movie watching. I'm actually really grateful things rapped up in time for Lent, as I want this to be a real season of prayer...Lord knows, I've relied on God's grace for a long time now and I want to let the Holy One know I do not take it for granted! 

Sadly, I write this with a heavy heart as our country is shaken yet again by the tragic loss of young life in Florida. I can't say I've much to add that hasn't been said. I'm sad and I'm angry. Once upon a time, I would have written something here...but I don't have it in me to add anything but a steely resolve to work against this sort of violence. 

I defend the dissertation on March 22nd. I hope, sometime before then, to know where I'll be teaching next year. Other than a lot of music to be played over the next few months and the defense/graduation, my time is very much my own for the first time in a very long time. I'll be glad to use this as an opportunity to re-ground myself spiritually and to open my heart to where I'm being sent to teach. 

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