Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Papal Interview: Young Jesuits React and Reflect

I'm pleased to draw readers' attention to a series of essays wrote by fellow Jesuits and published at The Jesuit Post. Several of us have contributed some thoughts on various aspects of the Holy Father's recent interview. My contribution, A Fire Meant for Burning, is a reflection on the call of the Pope to move beyond self-contented mediocrity.

An excerpt:
The Holy Father’s words evoke an image used frequently by Karl Rahner and referenced, just before his death, by Cardinal Martini. In his final interview, Martini lamented, “I see in the church today so much ash under the embers that often I’m hit with a sense of impotence. How can we liberate the embers from the ash, to reinvigorate the fires of love?” Martini saw the danger posed to the siege-culture plaguing the Church: cut off from the outside world, turned inward on itself, the one-bright fires of an evangelical faith have slowly faded away and have been reduced to glowing embers.

I strongly urge you read the whole series to see how this remarkable interview has touched, and enkindled, the hearts of young Jesuits. 

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