Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Which Craft?

I just learned that this is "American Craft Beer Week." I didn't know such an observance existed but, then again, we live in a country where there apparently exists "Crochet Week" (2nd week of March), "Reading a Road Map Week" (1st week of April), and "Nude Recreation Week" (2nd week of July).

I don't observe any of the latter. I am not crafty, I have a GPS, and while "Nude Recreation" might sound like fun to you, it sounds like a recipe for a felony conviction and a profile on "To Catch a Predator" on Dateline.

That said, I'll be glad to observe Craft Beer Week.

I am a proud supporter and devotee of Great Lakes Brewing Co. located in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. My alma mater, Saint Ignatius High School, is next door to the brewery. When I was a student, legend held that in addition to a bowling alley in the Jesuit Residence there was also a direct line running underneath the football field connecting the JR to the Brewery.

Sadly, this turns out not to be true.

One can still dream, though.

I love Great Lakes Brewing - if you have never sampled their beer, I strongly recommend it. It's growing in its "beer footprint" and is available outside of Ohio. I very much look forward to going home this August, sitting out on the patio of the restaurant, and having a few pints of Dortmunder Gold with friends.

In honor of this week, allow me to offer the following video. I would give anything for them to have given the video a different title, but the content of the video is pretty funny and will hopefully redeem it.


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naturgesetz said...

It's too bad there is the sort of stigma to nude recreation in the public mind which you point out. After all, nudity is not inherently immoral, and the feeling of freedom it gives — the tactile enjoyment of the air touching all parts of the body — is an aesthetic pleasure. (I'm nude as I write this, except for my glasses.) As pleasant as indoor nudity is, outdoor nudity is even better because of the feeling of oneness with creation which it gives.

It's certainly regrettable that in so much of the public mind all nudity is falsely regarded as inherently sexual.