Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Which Craft?

I just learned that this is "American Craft Beer Week." I didn't know such an observance existed but, then again, we live in a country where there apparently exists "Crochet Week" (2nd week of March), "Reading a Road Map Week" (1st week of April), and "Nude Recreation Week" (2nd week of July).

I don't observe any of the latter. I am not crafty, I have a GPS, and while "Nude Recreation" might sound like fun to you, it sounds like a recipe for a felony conviction and a profile on "To Catch a Predator" on Dateline.

That said, I'll be glad to observe Craft Beer Week.

I am a proud supporter and devotee of Great Lakes Brewing Co. located in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. My alma mater, Saint Ignatius High School, is next door to the brewery. When I was a student, legend held that in addition to a bowling alley in the Jesuit Residence there was also a direct line running underneath the football field connecting the JR to the Brewery.

Sadly, this turns out not to be true.

One can still dream, though.

I love Great Lakes Brewing - if you have never sampled their beer, I strongly recommend it. It's growing in its "beer footprint" and is available outside of Ohio. I very much look forward to going home this August, sitting out on the patio of the restaurant, and having a few pints of Dortmunder Gold with friends.

In honor of this week, allow me to offer the following video. I would give anything for them to have given the video a different title, but the content of the video is pretty funny and will hopefully redeem it.


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