Saturday, February 23, 2013

On Grace, Love, and Freedom

"Grace," for William Lynch, "should be understood as the act by which an absolutely outside and free reality communicates an absolutely interior and free existence." When we speak of grace - God's, the beloved's, a friend's - we mean an act, a relationship, that makes us more of who we are. Grace doesn't interfere or take away from who one is; indeed, grace carves out the space for us to grow into the people we are capable of becoming.

Healthy relationships never dominate or demand; they free us to take risks, to be bold, because we are animated and excited by love. "Real love communicates a self-identity and autonomy that is no longer in basic conflict with real mutuality. It takes two real self-identities to make a relationship, and it takes such a relationship to make two real persons." Grace makes us free.

As we trek through Lent, it may be a good time to re-assess some of the relationships in our lives. Am I being an agent of grace, of love and freedom, or do I act to manipulate others to achieve my own selfish goals? Do I make others free or do I constrict them? Am I free? Is this friendship, this relationship, a graced relationship whereby I grow and flourish?

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