Friday, August 17, 2012

So the lights go out...

As I type this, I realize that it'll probably be my last post from Detroit. Three years have gone by quickly. How does one encapsulate his sentiment at the end of such an experience? It's impossible to put it into words. My room is packed. Boxes are stacked high. The car that will take me to Boston has been rented. I survey my room and recall with ease the countless experiences I have had these last years...and I am filled with gratitude. A prayer shared by the provincial of the Wisconsin province expresses my feelings as I close the blinds, turn out the lights, and close the door one last time to JR 211 (my room):

For all that has been, I say: Thank You.
For all that is yet to come, I say: Yes. 

Could a major life transition be complete without music? Let's round out regency with a song I think appropriate to my experience:

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Crystal Davidson said...

Ryan, we'll always be friends no matter where you go. So many good times over the last 3 years; laughter and tears. Thanks for always listening. I look forward to visiting you at BC, and, of course, ordination in 2015. Love and God bless, Crystal